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Server Update [20/02/2020]

Date: 19-02-2020


Server Update 2/20/2020

Hey folks, 
We're deeply sorry for the delay, this update took longer than expected mainly due to the large amount of changes and testing we had to do for the Player Owned Shops. I know you all must be sick of bug fixes but just bare with us; we've got some content being added soon that we know you'll be excited to see! As always thanks for your continued support, great suggestions and all your bug reports. 


  • Reworked the accuracy formula in PvP
  • Reworked the pvp effect timers, they should be more accurate now.
  • Improved the freezing spells behavior:
    • Adjusted the immunity from 2.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Fix a delay with magic spells being 1 tick off always.
    • The player should no longer lose their freeze when the caster is far away.
  • Fixed a bug with equipment bonuses not being reset or updated upon death.
  • Fixed a bug with instant-specs not being allowed right after a normal-spec.
  • Fixed a bug with unequipping two or more items in the same tick not being possible.
  • Fixed a bug with granite maul stopping the player from continuing an attack.
  • Adjusted the attack base distances or ranges for ranged and magic styles:
    • The base magic attack distance is now set to 11 instead of 8.
    • Adjusted some of the existing range weapon distances (Added crystal bow).
  • PvP armour can now be kept on death
  • Fixed pvp armour from degrading too quick
  • Soulsplit has been changed to heal 20% of your hit damage & drain 20% from opponents prayer.
  • Smite has been fixed, it now drains 25% of your hit from the opponents prayer.
  • Teleporting to your target is now fixed for Wilderness agility course, Axe hut and Wildy Key claiming area.

Theatre of Blood

  • Dawnbringer now despawns after the first phase of Verzik Vitur
  • Reduced the blood spiders spawn rate in ToB
  • Can no longer teleport from inside ToB
  • Can now open ToB loot chest and reopen it again
  • Can now see Verzik Vitur from a further distance
  • Scythe of Vitur charging has been reworked, the ratios were off previously


Donator Changes:

  • 3rd-age items are no longer obtainable through donation store
  • Party Hats are now only sold as a bundle for 10,000 tickets in the store
  • Dragon defender has been added to the donator store for 50 tickets
  • Rainbow phat has now been added to the store for 7,500 tickets
  • Black h'ween mask has now been added to the store for 3,000 tickets
  • Black Santa and Party Hats are now 5,000 Tickets
  • Skeleton Set and Web Cloak has now been added to the store for 3,000 tickets total
  • Fighter Torso has been reduced to 30 tickets
  • Fighter Hat has been reduced to 30 tickets
  • Added Runite Ore spawns to Donator Zone
    Added anvil to Donator Zone
  • Added cooking range to Donator Zone


Vote Store Changes:

  • Players will now receive a vote point, double experience for 20 minutes, 1-3m coins, and a chance at receiving a mystery box when voting, per book
  • Added rune pouch to the vote point store for 30 vote points



  • POS has been fixed entirely
  • Surgeon general at home now restores run energy.
  • Can no longer plant mithril seeds on top of flowers.
  • Added correct keeping of charges when dying to NPCs, example is Toxic Blowpipe. You now keep both scales and darts within the pipe after dying to any NPC
  • Charged items now drop charges to a player killer, example again is TBP. If you are killed in the wilderness and risking TBP, it will drop alongside the stored scales and darts
  • Dwarf cannon ranged requirement removed can now use at level 1 ranged
  • Added ability to check barrows degrading percentage
  • Bolt racks added to barrows rewards
  • Aviansies now drop noted bars
  • Can now teleport to Zulrah without a Zul-Andra teleport
  • Zulrah's ranged defence has been buffed
  • Vorkath can no longer fire the fire-bomb attack while you are frozen
  • Corp should no longer null with summoning familiars and disappear
  • KBD should no longer disappear
  • KQ will no longer despawn after attacking familiars
  • Can no longer leave and go straight back into GWD dungeon rooms, if you leave you require KC again
  • Fixed a bug with ground items having wrong owner address in certain cases
  • Fixed a disconnect when spawning an npc in an instance
  • Smuggling items that have the same IP address should no longer be possible
  • Edited Hunter rates to be easier to trap


The Novite Development Team.


Server Update [13/02/20]

Date: 12-02-2020


Server Update  - 2/12/2020


Hi everyone,

We've been working hard over the last few days to fix some of the most annoying bugs within Novite! I've attached a list of the bugs we've busted below, if you have a bug that needs fixed and is not on the list don't worry - it is most likely being worked on as we speak.

- Fixed DC when fletching
- Fixed looting bag depositing issues
- Mob aggro distance is now fine tuned
- New optimised client to help with the DCing issues for lower RAM PC players
- Running stamina implemented, will now decrease the same as OSRS
- Players can now bait hunter traps to catch grenfalls etc
- PVP gapping should now be fixed
- Barrows items are now priced for protection in PvP and are also reclaimable upon death, if kept
- Blacklisting has been improved (no more collisions)
- Added run energy restoring and depleting when running
- Adjusted the resting formula to be more fair
- Improved the projectile clipping (It should not shoot through walls anymore)
- NPC Aggression distance has been lowered from 20 to 10 tiles
- Removed a bug with freeze immunity if the player is more than 14 tiles away
- Removed extra distance while checking if the player is close in melee (gapping)
- More work has been done for combat accuracy
- Player models are no longer being cached forever
- MAC support has been fixed completely
- Aviansies should now drop noted bars
- Fixed bug where players could get extra herbs from a herb box
- Fixed stats for TOB equipment
- Zulrah now hits at the same rate as she doeson OSRS. 
- Nerfed Magic shortbow special attack damage bonus
- Nerfed Abyssal dagger special attack damage bonus
- Increased attack speed of Kree'arra
- Increased accuracy of Kree'arra
- Nerfed Drop rate for Dark Totems
- Surgeon General Tafani (Healer) has been added to the donator zone
- Players can now view the % of charges remaining for Pk equipment
- Fixed charged items not being kept on death, all untradeables are now removed from the interface and automatically sent to deaths store
- Rune pouch & looting bag glitch has been fixed, they now go to the untradable store
- You can no longer move voting books between accounts from the same IP address
- PvP kill rewards are no longer possible between accounts from the same IP address



The Novite Development Team.

HCIM and Lamps Issue

Date: 09-02-2020

So this post is essentially going to detail what we're going to do for both of these issues;


So for HCIM (Hardcore Ironman) If you died to an otherwise safe death then you will be granted your status back upon investigation. I will need you to send me your in-game name via Discord; Jordan ?#3506. I'll be going through the logs to check your death and if I feel your death was as you say then your HCIM status will be returned to you.


As for the issue with lamps and how they were used for Dungeoneering. I will accept that the skill not being disabled is on us but I do believe I stated multiple times that Dungeoneering was disabled. With that said we will not be issuing a refund for those who used their lamps on this skill. I apologize for it but that is our decision.



Thanks for your continued support,

Novite Staff Team

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