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    Woodcutting 1-99

    where is the guide
  6. Welcome to the beginning of a monthly segment known as the Novite Monthly News. Each month I will be posting one of these to give you a rundown on what has happened in the month. Things such as Staff Changes, Server Updates, Staff Interviews, and Video of the Month winners will be put in the spotlight. If you have any ideas on things to include please send me a PM on Discord: Recon#0002. Enjoy! @Dairy has been promoted to Administrator. @Win has been promoted to Administrator. @Fev has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Marsman has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Walter White has been promoted to Server Support. @Benny has resigned from Server Support. This month we had put @Nick into the spotlight to answer your questions in the community! Enjoy @Trinityking When did you join/know about Novite? I joined before Novite was Novite, Wet Wizard was the server manager of Katagon at the time, and put a video out on it. I decided to give it a try and I have been here ever since. What was your first impression of the server? My first impression of the server was eh, another run of the mill server, however i stayed around and devoted tons of hours into the game, because of the community ingame. How do you like community now compared to when you first joined? I think the community has gotten a lot better, we have a broader and more diverse population, and I think that is great for the server. Do you enjoy being a Manager? Being a manager has it's pros and cons. The pros are helping mold the server, helping people, and trying to get the player's desires ingame. However the downside is, it becomes a job almost and you devote a lot of time to outside of the server looking for new ideas, trying to help with the development side, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Do you prefer hosting events or being involved in them? I prefer being involved in events. How much more enjoyment do you have now compared to before? I think my enjoyment is the same as before, however in a different form. What’s your honest opinion about me? πŸ˜‰ I think you are going to plank to a cow in lumbridge. @Respect What kind of shampoo do you use? Mitch - Double Hitter @337 Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jordan, Mikey, Jeremy Fuck Mikey, Marry Jeremy, and Kill Jordan. @Crown Suppose you had the knowledge, time and resources to change/implement/create anything on novite, from an rs2-3 to an 07 boss, minigame etc, what would it be? I would probably try to overhaul wilderness to make it more engaging and become its own sort of thing, instead of PvM, PvP, it would just be a Wilderness playstyle, almost a whole new genre. @Dairy Who introduced you to RuneScape? How old were you? My brother introduced me to runescape when i was probably 8-9. @Isak How much @$$ do you eat? :z Too much. This month we seen many updates happen mainly attacking the bugs that we've seen in-game and the developers have been working hard at fixing as many as possible. But one update stood out amongst them all. Nex! Nex was the biggest server update of the month. She is one of the strongest bosses here in Novite with her drop table including rares such as Torva, Pernix, and Virtus. But don't think it's a walk in kill. She brings alongside her minions known as Umbra, Fumus, Glacies, and Cruor. If you're a skilled enough fighter and believe you have what it takes, you can teleport directly to her using Boss Teleports->Nex in-game. Want to see more Server Updates? Go here: https://novite.org/forums/index.php?/forum/11-server-updates/ May's Video of the Month winner is @Divine Winds! Divine is a well known YouTuber in the RSPS community who balances his videos between guides, pvp, and showcases. Congratulations! Interested in obtaining the YouTuber rank in-game and forums? Make sure you meet the requirements and contact a Manager/Owner for more info.
  7. 1v1 Dharok Tournament (Single Elimination) Bracket link : https://challonge.com/2h3vbj8x We will supply 25 dharok sets, so first come first serve! To enter comment down below! Sets must be given back after the event! Tournament starts at 20:00 server time, thread will be closed 5 minutes before the tournament start. Setup: Inventory: Rules: No Overhead Prayers Normal Prayer Book (Piety is Allowed) Gear will be checked, inventories will be checked, Caught having items thats not on the inventory above you will be disqualified. Prizes: πŸ₯‡ $10 Scroll πŸ₯ˆ 100 Donator Tickets πŸ₯‰ 50 Donator Tickets
  8. I dont believe that focus sight and hexcrest should be added. They are a drop, then there is no point of having those monsters in game. Instances should be a lot more expensive than 100 points each if you ask me, since they are uncommon to get from mboxes and only other way is to buy through donor tickets. Dark totems is a good idea as well, 100 points might be low as well. +1 for dragon darts, maybe you buy a "dart" crate, that can give you all the darts, 100 of one type. Make dragon darts still harder to get. Really like the lamp and supply crate. Maybe add herb sack in there as well, where you pick up herbs it goes straight to the sack.
  9. Very good suggestions and some of which I've advocated for the server personally. I believe with some push we can get some of this happening in the future.
  10. Great suggestions with the loot system. Especially right now where the biggest scarcity in the game is cold cash. Items are basically worthless because no one got "cash" to buy them. Only way to get rid is either swapping items or gamble them. WE NEED MORE CASH
  11. Make Staminia for iron as well.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the set added to the armor store. If not, then it could be added to the crystal chest. Your suggestion isn't bad either.
  13. +1. Great suggestions, Snowland!
  14. Add several ways to get the splitbark helm (for example by adding em to some random droptables). You need this item for an elite clue and the only way to get it atm is Ninja Implings. (Like 300 / 10k simulated ninjas.) πŸ™‚
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys! Hexcrest + Focus sight is a great idea, since its relevant to Slayer too. Honestly, the Dark totem was included as I had to break a large streak to block the task, If i had the option to use 50m worth of points at the time I probably would of, but if the Skips/Blocks dont reset streaks anymore, its kind of redundant. GWD Token could potentially just be used while on GWD tasks, so to not flood the economy with GWD items. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  16. +1 on everything, if they're to host "masses" at a boss. It should be random loot or everyone gets cash split w/e
  17. Current events at the moment are dog tier trash, Unless you've accumulated bis gear you've got no chance at winning a nex mass or a raids mass or any mass really. Events need to be fun and rewarding and for that reason I'd propose a loot-share system. X amount of people join a CC and if a drop happens it'll randomly give it to a player in the CC, E.g If Snowland and XXX kill Kree'ara and get an Armadyl helm drop. It'll randomly assign the loot to either player. With a system like this, It could make more events possible and make engagement rates higher for them with more people participating. Secondly, Olm in its current state is rather bad IMO, I don't want to spend 10 - 14 Minutes soloing Olm. I wan't to be able to duo and trio but based on how the points system works It's not worth duoing or trioing because the person with the most points is the only one to roll on the drop table. I'm suggesting that Olm is viable in Duo's by making both parties able to roll at drops based on their points. Third, I strongly believe having forum registration a requirement to play is bad. I joined through Divines Youtube video and almost didn't join because I had to register on the forums. People wan't to download a client and just hop on and play. We don't want to have to register on the forums. The same goes for alt accounts, You need a secondary email address if you want an alt because you need to create a second forum account. Fourth, Pest control should have a daily event! I've been trying for the past 5 days to obtain void. No one wants to come... There should be more effort to getting people to PC because A lot already have void but what about the people who don't like me that's begged for 5 days and no one comes. LOL Fifth and Final! Events are set to start around 7PM GMT that's nice and all but what about the other 19 hours before it. We need more than just that. Events needs to be spread out during the day, Or Have multiple event managers during different timezones to cater to everyone.
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