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  1. Very good suggestions and some of which I've advocated for the server personally. I believe with some push we can get some of this happening in the future.
  2. Sorry guys! Things happen, even shitty things such as this but we'll push through and make it so this never happens for you guys again!
  3. Hey all, So recently we tried hosting a giveaway externally but the result of it wasn't fair for all as the people who won didn't play nor did majority of the entries. With that in mind we're going to host the Playstation 4 and Xbox One giveaway via Novite's Discord! Make it much more fair for all of our members which have or are playing the server . -- Rules for the Giveaway; - Join our Discord Here - Have a total level of 500+ in Novite - Have over 10 hours of time played in Novite -- - The Giveaway Bot Post in the Discord will be going up on the 17th of May - - The Giveaway will be drawn 1st of June, 2020 - As well we're revamping our Ad-Campaign hitting all of our usual spots and some new ones such as Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and Toplists. With that said we're ever so excited for our future!.
  4. Why don't I get a choice in this...
  5. Always enjoyed the idea of a prestige system. What makes skilling fun to me on most servers because I can turn around and redo it. The DR increase could use a touch up but the EXP decrease isn't too bad ~
  6. Can be good but at the same time some might get frustrated if they're getting sub 50 ores on a runite deposit.
  7. We would like to offer special recognition to our Top three normal experience players having now completed their trek to Maxed. So without much else left to say... cause I've ran out of words... CONGRATULATIONS; Walter White -> First regular player to Maxed F E -> First Ironman player to Maxed Diecore -> First Hardcore Ironman to Maxed Nice work guys! As such we still have many competitions for you to participate in for your very own prize which you can find here! As well I would like to inform you all we're currently hosting a Crate Event from May 9th through the 11th in which you will receive 1 extra item upon opening any of our Crates!
  8. So it has come to my attention that essentially some are finding it okay to work around another Staff Member's decision. This is NOT okay by any means. For example; Player 1; Asking about something random to benefit himself over other players, Staff Member; Saying no and a possible explanation as to why, Player 1; decides it's ok to go to another member of the team and try the same question for a better result, This is crossing a line and will not be tolerated by any means. With that said if caught doing so you'll find yourself with a jail/mute depending on the severity of the issue. Escalating this by any means (meaning repeat offense) will warrant a ban. I think it's pretty simple to listen to someone that is giving you the information within the rules and if you find that it's okay to walk outside of the rules you'll be met by some unfortunate circumstances.
  9. So in a previous post we talked about how our previous Donators will be able to reclaim their donations within the game. To that end we've introduced commands ingame that will allow you to reclaim them. However if you did not donate through our approved methods such as Paypal or OSRS you will NOT be refunded. This also comes with some more unfortunate news in that we're not giving back the tickets you donated for. This was a long decision discussed with all of us in the Management team. Our reasoning behind that is as follows; We're trying to make it as fair for everyone on Day 1 as possible. Yes an argument can be made for those who will Donate on day 1. Yes we see this but our mindset was "Fresh start for everyone". We thought long and hard about it and this was our decision albeit a hard one but what we thought was the best course. To Reclaim your Donation once we go live; (two different commands both do the same thing) - ::claimold - ::claimolddonations
  10. Hi everyone, To mark the release of Novite, we are partnering with the Youtubers Artz & Fewb to do a giveaway. This giveaway will have two lucky winners who have the choice between an Xbox One or PS4. This will be hosted within their own discord channel so please be sure to join them. The draw for the giveaway will be announced on the 9th of May. Conditions to be eligible to win the discord competition; - Join our discord channel - Novite Discord - Apply to the giveaway in their Discord - Artz & Fewb's Discord - Have a total level of 500+ in Novite - - Have over 10 hours of time played in Novite - Best of luck to you all! We're excited to see who wins. Thanks, Novite Management Team
  11. Max Competition; Can you be the first? First Normal to Max; $25 IRL or $50 Ingame Credit -> Walter White First Normal Ironman to Max; $25 IRL or $50 Ingame Credit -> F E First Normal Hardcore to Max; $25 IRL or $50 Ingame Credit -> Diecore First Classic to Max; $50 IRL or 100$ Ingame Credit First Classic Ironman to Max; $50 IRL or $100 Ingame Credit First Classic Hardcore to Max; $50 IRL or $100 Ingame Credit Raids Competition; Are you up to the challenge? First Regular Player Drop at CoX; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Jeffreyyyyy First Regular Player Drop at ToB; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Crown First Ironman Player Drop at CoX; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Trinityking First Ironman Player Drop at Tob; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Aktien First Hardcore Player Drop at CoX; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Direcore First Hardcore Player Drop at ToB; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit Hydra Competition; How many heads does it have? First Regular Player Drop at Hydra; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Walter White First Ironman Player Drop at Hydra; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Trinityking First Hardcore Player Drop at Hydra; $15 IRL or $30 Ingame Credit -> Diecore Dungeoneering Competition; It's dusty in here.. First Regular Player to 120; $25 IRL or $50 Ingame Credit First Ironman Player to 120; $25 IRL or $50 Ingame Credit First Hardcore Player to 120; $25 IRL or $50 Ingame Credit Disclaimer; These competitions run until the end of May 2020. We'll have PvP tournaments once we have a solid system setup for hosting them. A nice tip though moving forward we'll have IRL or Ingame rewards on new bosses coming into the game so keep your eye out for those!
  12. Hey all, It's been a few days since we have said anything about our progress and where we're headed. First and foremost if you're not in our Discord server you should join (link will be at the bottom of this post), we update via there more frequently. With that said we have made good strides in regards to having completed Hydra and solid progress into Nex, Dungeoneering and Nightmare. As well as having touched up on Raids 1 and 2 with regards to scaling and other aspects to the bosses respectively. All of this, alongside some smaller QOL & bug fixes, can be found here. We have planned out the launch and following updates to keep the server running as smoothly as possible. We plan on updating the server daily for the first 3 days in order to push out as much bug fixes, suggestions and QOL updates as possible. After we reach Tuesday the 5th of May we will then be following the schedule of two weekly updates which will be every Tuesday & Friday/Saturday. Of which these updates will consist primarily of Bug Fixes, Suggestions and QOL updates. In conjunction with these smaller updates we have planned content-based updates: These are the release of Nex, which is scheduled for one week after the release on the 9th of May. The next big content update after this will be the Nightmare, which is scheduled for the 23rd/30th of May - an exact date will be specified closer to the time. We will be working tirelessly to stick to this schedule to provide the best player experience here at Novite! As everyone knows the release date is set for 2nd of May at 12:00pm EST; So be ready to start the grind! To kick it off we'll be hosting a few competitions, which can be found here. With that in mind though we would like to warn you that these competitions will only run until the end of May 2020, so push hard so you yourself might be able to claim a prize! Any and all questions can be directed towards the Staff Team or directly to myself (@Jordan) or @Nick. Thanks, Novite Management Team
  13. This message comes with a fair amount of thought and a lot of brutal honesty that has been talked about between all of us in the Management Team. With that I would like to just jump right into what is being planned and what is going to happen moving forward. We are going to be moving the server into an "Open Beta" on Tuesday the 21st of April in our effort to bring about a "Re-Launch" on May 2nd. What this means is that we'll be closing the "live" server essentially to move purely into testing. During this time anyone who would like to help you may contact @Mikey96 via discord, DMs will be open. With that information on hand we'll have ToB, Dungeoneering, and Hydra for testing. Nex is a hopeful for us at this point but it could pop in so keep your eyes peeled for that. As for the promised "Ad-Campaign" we talked about in recent weeks, we're happy to announce we're starting it on Wednesday the 22nd of April. With that I bring some somber news for our dedicated players. It goes without saying you've all been a torch in a dark tunnel that has guided us to a new path we feel is the correct one. That being said we spent a week deciding and deliberating over what that best course of action would be. With that in mind we're going with a "Full Reset". What that entails is as follows; Everything. Stats, Achieves, Ranks and Items. I will say that we are giving back the Donator Ranks to those who have donated previously and will still be around to play. That is to say if you come back in the future we'll have a system in place to sort out your rank (This system will be explained on a person by person basis, explaining how the process works and what we need from you). To explain how our system works within Management because in the past our transparency hasn't been the best; Jeremy; In charge of coordinating and rolling out updates. Arryn; In charge of leading up new and unique content. Mikey; Fixing of game-breaking bugs and the Marketing Campaign. Stunaep2; For the time being Bug fixes and suggestions in the future; Unique Content Development. Walied; Unique Content Development and Bug Fixing. The people receiving their Donator rank back will be as follows; Paypal Rs related donations (Gp)
  14. Very good work! Especially to all the testers, Without you guys this stuff won't happen as quick so truly, thank you. As well the devs did somethin as well.. can't forget them 😜
  15. Solid work Team! I hope this is a start for our continued effort in bringing the best we can for everyone.
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