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Official Forum Rules

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Novite is a welcoming and accepting community consisting of many different individuals who all have unique backgrounds, values, and beliefs. Please remember to treat all members of our community equally and with respect because of this.  


1. Inappropriate Language: Warning/Infraction/Ban 
1a. Any and all types of forum communications that contain insulting, flaming, slandering, or harassing a member of our community may result in an infraction or ban from our forum. 

1b. The use of minor curse/swear words is permitted as long as they are not directed at a single member or group of people. Excessive use of this language or targeted language will result in a warning, infraction, or ban from our forum based on the severity of each incident. 

 2. Inappropriate Content/Names: Infraction/Ban 
2a. Any media that contains inappropriate acts such as pornographic or sexual material is prohibited on this forum. This includes any text based material, along with profile pictures/pages. 

2b. Media that contains or promotes the use of drugs, poor behavior, and other content deemed inappropriate (at the discretion of Novite staff members) is prohibited and will be removed. Our community does consist of some younger individuals who should not be subjected to such materials regardless of intent or prior knowledge. This is not the purpose of our community forum so please refrain from posting these things. 

2c. Names containing sexual material, vulgar language, hateful content, staff impersonation, or anything that may be considered inappropriate at staff discretion goes against the values of our community. Individuals who break this rule will be requested to change their name by a staff member, failure to comply with this request will result in the account being removed. 

3. Advertising: Ban 
3a. Advertisement of another RSPS related community is prohibited and heavily enforced. Those who fail to comply with this rule will face a permanent removal from our community. 

3b. All links are required to advertise directly to where they claim to go. Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban. (Even if said link is not harmful.)  

3c. Common, ordinary links (like YouTube and RuneLocus) are permitted as long as they are not being taken advantage of. It is up to the discretion of the staff member to decide if such links are being abused.  

3d. Members who wish to share/post a link that is not considered to be commonly known and is not in relation to other RSPS material are required to send the link first to an administrator and wait for authorization to post said link. 

4. Spamming: Warning/Infraction/Ban 
4a. Single word posts are considered to be spam on the forums and a warning or infraction may be given at staff discretion. This rule does not apply to the announcements, updates, spam, introduction, and vouch threads.  


4b. Grave digging, or posting in a thread that is older than two weeks (14 days) old is not allowed unless you are posting useful information/updates to the thread's topic. 


4c. Thread authors that wish to bump their thread may do so once every three (3) days. Thread bumps are still required to comply with rule 4a. 


4d. Posts that are not in the correct section of the forum may be deleted by moderators at staff discretion and an infraction will be given out. We want our forums to look clean and crisp, not cluttered. 

5. Punishment Evasion: Ban 
5a. Individuals who make attempts to evade their punishments will receive permanent bans. If you feel your punishment was unjust then you are required to make an appeal through the proper channels.  

6. Hacks and Threats: Ban  
6a. Hacking in any way, shape, or form is against the rules here at Novite and individuals who choose to break this rule will face a permanent removal from the community.


6b. Threats towards members that could impact their reputation, livelihood, personal information, or security is not tolerated and will result in an immediate and everlasting removal from our community. 

7. Real World Trading: Ban 
7a. Any attempts to purchase or sell Novite accounts, items, donation ranks on existing accounts, real life items, etc. goes against the values of our server and is prohibited. All parties involved in real world trading will receive permanent bans.  

8. Backseat Moderation: Warning/Infraction/Ban 
8a. Backseat moderating has a history of causing nothing but drama and escalated issues throughout other communities. To prevent this, we ask that you please do not attempt to assert yourself as an authoritative figure/member in the community. If you see something that needs to be reported, then report it to a staff member. Under no circumstances should you pose as or imply that you are a staff member, individuals who break this rule will be punished based on the discretion of the staff team. 

9. Encouraging Others to Break Rules: Warning/Infraction/Ban 
9a. Individuals who encourage others to break the rules regardless of intent or understanding will be punished based on the severity of the event and the discretion of the staff team. 

10. Abuse of the Reputation System: Warning/Infraction/Ban 
10a. The reputation system is to be used for content that is helpful to others. Abuse of this system is prohibited including asking others in-game, on the forums, or in Discord to boost your reputation. Individuals who break this rule will be punished based on the severity of the incident. Repeatedly breaking this rule may result in a ban.




 By using the forums you agree to the following statements along with the implication that you have read the above rules.

You understand that the administration may at any time alter your account on the forums should we feel the need to do so.  

You understand that the administration will make their best attempt to provide proof and justification for a punishment, though there may be circumstances where such evidence can not be provided in order to protect individuals who request to remain anonymous.  

You understand that the administration is not in any way responsible for the content that is posted on these forums. Our staff team will do our best to take immediate action either when we find rule-breaking content or when it is reported to us.

You understand that the administration team is not liable for any property damage or stolen information from a third-party or from within the administration team itself. Note that our staff team will always work as quickly as possible to resolve such a situation should it occur.  

You understand that the above punishment system is a guideline for our staff, and that each case may be handled differently depending on the severity of the rules being broken combined with the discretion of the staff team.


Administrators reserve the right to alter punishments after they have been made in the event that we feel the original punishment is not adequate.   


Credit to Dexter for the format.

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