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Server Update 5/18/2020



Hi everybody, 

This update we mainly include bug fixes that we've heard about.

Combat Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use range/mage while the victim was standing next to some walls.
  • DHL and DHCB will now function properly on vorkath, wyverns, wyrms, olm, hydra, and dragons.
ToB Fixes
  • Multiple parties can now run ToB at the same time without Verzik disappearing/appearing multiple times
CoX Fixes
  • Points should scale better now to give proper chance of rares for duos, trios, 4man, and 5 man raids.
Hydra Fixes
  • Hydra will now track and tell you your killcount.
  • Hydra will now tell you your best kill times.
  • Hydra will now drop 2 bones instead of 1.
  • You can now note hydra bones.
Nex Fixes
  • Nex will no longer null when it dies from poison/venom.
Armor Fixes
  • Elite melee void will now give you the proper damage boost.
  • Elite mage void will now give you the proper damage boost.
  • Slayer helm (i) will now give you proper boost for mage/range.
  • You can now revert tanz helms back to mutagen and serp helm
  • Master 200m cape now has same stats as assembler.
  • Assembler, assembler max cape, and 200m range cape now gives 80% chance to recover darts/ammo
  • Accumulator, classic cape, attractor now gives 72% chance to recover darts/ammo instead of 70%.
Weapon Fixes
  • Staff of light now has a special attack.
  • Dragon pickaxe now has a special attack.
PvP Fixes
  • TB will now send you a message when you've landed a TB.
  • Wrath and Retribution should no longer trigger when players don't actually die.
  • All NPCs in wildy are no longer aggressive if you are 2x their combat level.
PoS Fixes
  • PoS will now properly backup and save incase of server crashes.
  • PoS will sort donators first, and non-donators last.
  • PoS sold history will now be most recent to least recently sold.
Skilling Fixes
  • Rune darts are now 89 smithing instead of 90.
  • Rune daggers are now 85 smithing instead of 51.
  • Superheating now counts for daily/diary tasks.
  • Increased amount of herbs obtained from farming patches
Misc. Fixes
  • Mystery boxes will go to your bank upon 99 if your inventory is full.
  • Skill guide interfaces were fixed to properly show item models and text/level requirements
  • Bank size has been increased to 360 per tab, this will allow the last row to show items, previously it didn't display the last 2 items in bank tabs.
  • You now get woodcutting experience from chopping trees that you planted.
  • Purchasing dungeoneering exp from reward shop now gives you exp instead of dungeoneering lamps (the exp still needs to be tweaked to balance... it's a little low still).
  • Hand cannon shots are now slightly more common, and hand cannon is slightly more rare.

Hello everyone,

We've done everything we can to restore the PoS to the most recent state, however, the closest we could get was from Saturday. This means any items that were put in after Saturday is most likely not in your player owned store anymore. Also any items you purchased are still on your account, but also back in the players store who you bought it from. 

Going forward we now have hourly backups of the PoS and the files now properly save before each backup in case the server crashes before the files are saved. We will also start tracking which items are put into the PoS and which items are taken out of the PoS. Currently we just track which items are sold.

With this said, I believe it's best that we do not refund items that went missing, as we have no way to track what was put into the store between Saturday and yesterday's update. If you lost a high value item due to this, you can make a ticket on #item-refunds in the Discord channel along with some kind of proof that you had the item lost from your account.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience. We honestly tried all we could to recover the state of the PoS at the time the server crashed during the shutdown timer of yesterday's update, but had no success.

Here's a gif of how I feel right now ?



O6sHm67.png nKdTgk6.png

Hey all,

So recently we tried hosting a giveaway externally but the result of it wasn't fair for all as the people who won didn't play nor did majority of the entries. With that in mind we're going to host the Playstation 4 and Xbox One giveaway via Novite's Discord! Make it much more fair for all of our members which have or are playing the server .


Rules for the Giveaway;

 - Join our Discord Here

 - Have a total level of 500+ in Novite

 - Have over 10 hours of time played in Novite


- The Giveaway Bot Post in the Discord will be going up on the 17th of May -

- The Giveaway will be drawn 1st of June, 2020 -


As well we're revamping our Ad-Campaign hitting all of our usual spots and some new ones such as Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and Toplists. With that said we're ever so excited for our future!.

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